About NewInWeb

I set up NewInWeb to help myself and other developers keep up to date with the latest improvements in front-end technologies. It’s hard to keep up with absolutely everything, no matter how hard you try.

Many of us spend our time working on legacy projects, supporting old browsers and using old technologies. When the time comes to start on something new, it’s easy to feel completely lost if suddenly you are faced with bundlers, modules, classes, decorators and many other features you never knew existed in Javascript! My hope is that by following my short posts on NewInWeb, you can keep up to date with everything you need to.

Whereas most sites will give you an in-depth view into how everything works, my aim is to simply help you be aware of what new Javascript, HTML and CSS features are around. Generally posts will be under 5 minutes, and not annoyingly frequent.

Feel free to subscribe so you can get the latest posts as I publish them. No spam, promise!

If you have any suggestions for what to write about next, or how the posts can be improved, let me know at gearoid@newinweb.com.

— Gearóid

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